Parenthood is an adventure!

Preparing for parenthood is like packing for a short drive up the coast but finding you're on a one way trip overseas! We learn skills to work a trade, do a craft or drive a car and even the toaster comes with an instruction book. But to do the most important thing in the world - parenting - we are given very little education, guidance or support.

So when parenthood is more challenging than Mums or Dads had expected, we can make the mistake of thinking it's because there is something wrong with us, our partner or our relationship because everybody else seems to be doing OK. But the reality is most parents struggle with issues that caught us by surprise: confusion around changing roles and responsibilities, dealing with new stresses, negotiating conflicts with our partner that only arrive AFTER you have babies and knowing how to nurture ourselves so we have enough left over to give away.

So, whether you are a mum or a dad, if you're finding parenthood more challenging than you imagined, you're not alone. This site was conceived to help bridge the gap between expectation and reality. It hopes to provide information, support and links to resources so you can prepare for the most rewarding journey of your life...


Becoming Us

The information in this website is based on the book "Becoming Us, Loving, Learning and Growing Together" by Elly Taylor. It's available in all good book shops, ABC shops and on-line. For more information, see Becoming Us.

Disclaimer: The information in this web-site is of a general nature and starting point only and not meant as sufficient advice for individual problems. For personal concerns about yourself, partner or child, please seek support from a professional counsellor or health practitioner. With respect, the author does not take responsibility for the effects of your use of this information.© E. Taylor 2011

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