Some situations require extra support

Apart from the normal day to day parenting challenges most couples face, some couples have unique stresses to manage.

Couples who have had to rely on IVF to conceive commonly have to find ways to make sex fun again. They also have to be aware of and manage the mixed feelings that can often accompany raising a much wanted IVF baby. Those who have adopted a child can also find that after having worked so hard to get their precious baby they are not entitled to feel times of boredom or frustration that is common to all parents.

Parents of multiples are challenged to gather together a practical and emotional support system strong enough to cope with more than one baby. Both members of the couple can be stressed by extreme sleep deprivation, double (or more) schedules and financial burdens.

Couples who have suffered a traumatic birth or even the loss of a child need to know how to grieve in healthy ways and support each other through the process. Parents of a child born with complications or a disability will have ongoing stresses to cope with.

Parents in many of the above situations have a higher chance of divorcing, so knowing how to pull together will help you not just cope, but thrive as a family.

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