Staying Connected

One of the biggest challenges of parenthood and one most couples are entirely unprepared for is feeling like, because their lives have become so different from one anothers that they have little in common anymore, apart from the baby of course.

But the bond we have between us is what forms the foundation of our family. So stay connected. Make time for each other, check in with each other regularly, pay attention to each other, show you care. Create opportunities to connect on all levels - have fun, discuss hopes, dreams and struggles, share cuddles and kisses and physical intimacy.

Because although you will be incredibly busy with raising your children, and of course caring for them is important, remember that your child's very existence is a celebration of the relationship that created them in the first place!

Some Suggestions

  • Make time to spend together when the baby is asleep and use it to nurture each other
  • Be affectionate. All humans, babies and adults alike take comfort from a loving touch.
  • Leave the baby occasionally with someone you trust and have an evening out.
  • Even though your baby's needs will take first place for a while, be aware that your partner has needs too.
  • Check in with each other on a regular basis, call, email or text.
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